Pharma Lecture Theatre

This theatre is dedicated to the trends, challenges and outlook of the pharmaceutical industry. You can expect first-hand information on ongoing R&D projects and exchange with leading industry experts.

Tuesday, 31st May 2022

10:00 am

Innovative PM Powder catalysts for a sustainable future

Dr Hans Donkervoort, BASF Nederland B.V., The Netherlands 

11:00 am

How to Reduce Halogenated Compounds Thermal Oxidizer Operative Costs with Integrated Cogeneration Systems

Dr Paolo Masiero, Solar Turbines, Switzerland

13:00 pm

Enzymatic Amidation using an Immobilized Lipase - An Optimization Case Study

Dr Jörg Jung, Curia Germany GmbH, Germany

15:30 pm

Improving batch reactor productivity with continuous extraction

Dr Andrea Adamo, Zaiput Flow Technologies, USA

Wednesday, 1st June 2022

10:00 am

Streamlining Analytical Method Development with a focus on Genotoxic Impurities

Dr Matthew Webberley, SK biotek, Ireland

12:30 pm

Advances toward intensified and low environmental footprint flow processes

Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu, PhD., Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis - CiTOS (Corning), Belgium

13:30 pm

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC): Environmentally sustainable & cost-efficient technology to support the purity of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Natural Products

Dr Nikolas Xynos, Ph.D, Thar Process, USA

14:30 pm

New Advances in the Precious Metal Catalysis for the Fine Chem and Pharma Space

Dr Detlef Gaiser & Artur Gantarev, Heraeus Precious Metals, Germany

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