Evonik expands cosmetics portfolio with four new active ingredients, adds another technology platform

16th April 2018

Evonik expands cosmetics portfolio with four new active ingredients, adds another technology platform

Evonik will globally present four new active ingredients for skin and hair care. As a common feature, they all share verifiable effectiveness proven by clinical studies and offer the highest degree of sustainability.

Skinolance®, Evonik's first microbiotic skin care product, uses the cell-free lactobacillus extract to promote the natural balance of the skin flora by stimulating the growth of certain beneficial bacteria. This has a positive effect on the barrier function of the skin helping to protect against roughness and dryness. These effects on the skin flora and skin appearance were verified in a clinical study.

“Humans depend on microorganisms, whether in food digestion or for skin protection. Similar to the benefits of probiotic yogurt in the digestive system, microbiotic cosmetic ingredients can have a positive impact on the local microflora of the skin,” says Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, the head of Evonik's Personal Care Business Line. Evonik established the new “Care Biotics” technology platform as the basis for developing additional microbiotic products.

Hairflux® is an affordable ceramide blend for hair and scalp care, which can also be marketed in China (CFDA listing). “For beautiful hair you need a healthy scalp, and Hairflux® acts on both at the same time," says Boinowitz. The olive-based ceramide has a soothing effect on irritated scalps, and makes damaged hair much more resistant due to the gentle manufacturing process that preserves the natural ingredients. The product is suitable for use in hair tonics, care products for the scalp as well as rinses and shampoos for damaged hair.

TEGO® Pep UP, a new tetrapeptide from Evonik, also has a CFDA listing. The active ingredient increases the collagen production of the skin and the fiber production in the extracellular matrix, which results in reduced wrinkle depth and more defined facial contours as visual effects. The product’s lifting effect is of interest for anti-aging and other formulations.

Evonik will also present TEGO® enlight, a product developed for natural skin brightening. It contains a phytic acid salt obtained from rice bran and an extract of white mulberry fruit. Both components have brightening properties that complement each other favorably, and the product can be used for the treatment of age spots, and for general skin brightening.

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