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Der Wissensaustausch innerhalb internationaler Branchennetzwerke ist wichtiger denn je. Als anerkannte Plattform für internationale Geschäfte und wichtige Schnittstelle für aktuelles Branchenfachwissen veranstaltet Chemspec Europe eine Reihe von Webinaren & Produktpräsentationen, die die relevantesten Branchenthemen abdecken - live und 'on demand'.

Bisherige Sessions

Global Crop Protection Industry Market Overview

On demand

This webinar was held by Darren Stobbart, IHS Markit Crop Science, United Kingdom.

Continuous Flow Chemistry is not a Dream but just a Tool in the Fine Chemistry Industrial Toolbox

On demand

A look back over 15 years experience in flow chemistry industrial applications. History, evolution, illustrations and applications of flow equipment.

This webinar was held by Etienne Baco, La Mesta, France.

What is new in the Chemistry Startup Scene? New Developments in Bioeconomy Startup Scene

On demand

This session introduces European Chemistry Partnering, followed by a key note addressing the growth-stage funding gap in the EU circular bioeconomy and two short startup pitches. 

This webinar was held by Dr. Holger Bengs, BCNP Consultants GmbH and European Chemistry Partnering, German; Dr. Marie Asano, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), Germany; Richard Lock, Holiferm, United Kingdom; Dr. Marko Vinceković, MAKABI AGRITECH d.o.o., Croatia.

Challenges and Opportunities in High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) Manufacturing

On demand

Hear from a company that has deep experience in scale-up and commercial manufacturing of complex, high-potent API’s derived from both fermentation and chemistry.

This webinar was held by Mark Wellman, BIOVECTRA Inc., Canada.

Latest chemical regulation updates in China

On demand

In 2021 several new chemical regulations have been implemented in China, e.g. China REACH, China VOC standards, Hazardous Chemical Regulation Management, etc. CIRS is pleased to take this opportunity to introduce the updates and share the practical advice with all attendees.

This webinar was held by Bryan Zhou, Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Ltd, Ireland.

Latest Developments on Scalable Flow Photoreactors

On demand

This presentation covers Photochemistry from lab to production via a single-technology scale-up strategy.

This webinar was held by Hannes P. L. Gemoets, Creaflow, Belgium.

Sustainability and Agrochemicals

On demand

Sustainability is an ongoing discussion point within the agrochemical sector. In this presentation Dr David Calvert will discuss the definitions of sustainability and how they relate to agrochemicals, together with the drivers for change and how companies are addressing these issues. 

This webinar was held by Dr David Calvert, iFormulate Ltd., United Kingdom.

Reimagined pyridine synthesis and coupling reactions

On demand

Pyridine derivatives find use in many applications in and outside of the Life Sciences markets as targets become more complex these can be achieved by chemical transformation or ring synthesis and a combination of the two allows for efficient processes for economic and speedy commercialization. Learn how Vertellus leverages technical expertise with pyridine vertical integration to create solutions that can deliver operational efficiency. 

This webinar was held by Dr Jim Keay, Vertellus, USA.

Reach Dossier Compliance Checks - Lessons learned for UVCBs and multiconstituents

On demand

We illustrate ECHA compliance checks of Reach registrations of UVCB and multiconstituent substances where the registrants' adaptations were rejected. 

This webinar was held by Dr Marion Weber, CFCS-Consult GmbH, Germany.

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