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The exchange of knowledge within international industry networks is more important than ever - especially in these challenging times. As an established and powerful gateway to global business and industry knowledge, Chemspec Europe offers a range of webinars covering some of the most relevant industry topics - live and on-demand.

Covid, Brexit, REACH and beyond - Chemicals Regulation Outlook

On demand

2020 has been an unprecedented year. COVID-19 and Brexit has had a significant impact on the business strategy and the functioning of various chemical companies. Ensuring business continuity in the supply chain and proactively planning for future market access in both the UK and the EU has been a top priority for many companies. This presentation from REACHReady surveys the ongoing chemicals regulation compliance landscape particularly REACH. Key challenges, REACH deadlines and how they may affect companies in light of Brexit and COVID-19 are presented also. 

This webinar was held by Abisola Elegba, (REACHReady).

Small, Modular Flow Plants, an Opportunity for Supply Chain Security Post COVID-19?

On demand

Recent global events have highlighted the risks associated with global supply chains. As a result, several Countries are actively bringing back the manufacturing of critical raw materials, intermediates & products. With production infrastructure often unavailable, small modular continuous flow plants are gaining attention as an appropriate solution to deliver local supplies. The presentation provides examples of small, agile production plants & discuss how modularisation has the potential to address point-of-use material production & local manufacturing control. 

This webinar was held by Dr. Charlotte Wiles (Chemtrix BV).

What is new in the chemistry startup scene?

On demand

Circular economy sets the direction for the chemical industry: today new products in our heads should start at the end not at the beginning. Anyone who produces a new chemical today should also think about reuse right at the start of research and development. Startups show new ways in chemical value creation. The young and agile companies provide important impulses for the entire industry. These companies come from very different disciplines, chemistry, but also from other sectors like bioeconomy and digitalization. For the fourth time the European Chemistry Partnering and the Chemspec Europe are inviting innovative startups to the stage for presenting their new ideas and business models. Chemistry makes the World go Around®. 

This webinar was held by Dr. Holger Bengs (BCNP), Tobias Kirchhoff (European Chemistry Partnering), Dr. Michael Brandkamp (ECBF), Holger Geissler (ipOcean), Matthias Kaiser (Exponential Technologies), Tobias Gärtner (ESy-Labs), Nils Brauer (Packwise), Moritz Voelker-Albert (EpiQMAx).

Continuous Primary Processing – From an R&D Concept to Implementation at an Industrial Scale

On demand

The advantages of changing from batch to flow are widely publicised to include increases in safety, process efficiency & product consistency; however, the reasons for a Company to change are varied, often depending on the sector, process type of interest, scale of operation & location of activities. In this presentation examples are selected to demonstrate the translation of existing processes from batch to flow, showing how the technology has been used to develop production protocols that; enable manufacturing to be brought back ‘in-house’ & production quantities to be accessed that were not feasible using conventional batch technology.

This webinar was held by Dr. Charlotte Wiles (Chemtrix BV).

Hybrid batch-flow processes, is this the future?

On demand

Flow chemistry/ continuous manufacturing provide a rather broad set of advantages that range from process robustness, easy of scale up, to access to otherwise very challenging reaction conditions. While chemists and engineers are more comfortable with these new approaches, there is still a lot of inertia for the adoption of new paradigms, especially for existing processes where an existing approach is hard to be put aside. 

This webinar was held by Andrea Adamo Ph.D. (Zaiput Flow Technologies).

Circular Economy for polymers in liquid formulated products

On demand

Circular Economy is driving new and tougher problems for the industry to solve faster than ever before. From dealing with waste, to developing sustainable alternatives to traditional raw materials, there are challenges that are far too risky for any business to solve alone.

This webinar was held by Jenny Lovell (Royal Society of Chemistry).

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