BioMCN to Use Green Hydrogen to Produce Renewable Methanol

1st March 2019

BioMCN to Use Green Hydrogen to Produce Renewable Methanol

Nouryon and Gasunie will supply green hydrogen to BioMCN for the production of renewable methanol from CO2. The three companies have signed a corresponding agreement.

Nouryon and Gasunie are currently investigating the possible conversion of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen using a 20-megawatt water electrolysis unit in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The cooperation partners expect a final decision on the project later this year.

BioMCN wants to combine hydrogen from the intended facility with CO2 from other processes to produce renewable methanol, a raw material for bio-fuels and a variety of chemical feedstocks. According to the company, this process could reduce emissions by up to 27,000 t of CO2 per year, compared to fossil-based methanol.

Søren Jacobsen, Managing Director at BioMCN said: “This partnership is an important step towards a circular economy. Thanks to the supply of green hydrogen, we can replace natural gas as a feedstock and recycle carbon emissions to produce new raw materials and fuels, effectively turning CO2 emissions into carbon savings and helping the Netherlands meet its carbon reduction goals.”

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