Casale Supplies Nitric Acid Unit to Borsodchem

19th February 2019

Casale Supplies Nitric Acid Unit to Borsodchem

Borsodchem has disclosed the license and engineering partner for the construction of their new 660 t/d nitric acid plant in Hungary. Swiss engineering and technology group Casale will provide the license, basic engineering, a review of detailed engineering and site assistance to the project.

The plant at Kazincbarcika will produce 68% strength acid using Casale’s NA2000 dual-pressure process, the same technology used in Borsodchem’s first and identical unit, which has been in operation on the site since 2012.

BorsodChem grew out of a complex of local chemical factories operating in the North of Hungary.

In 1963 we established our PVC plant – the first one in Hungary.
In the early nineties, our MDI plant was completed. We began isocyanate production and the company officially became known as BorsodChem. Ten years later, TDI was added to our product portfolio.

The NA2000 technology was originally developed by Grande Paroisse, which Casale acquired from Borealis in 2014 along with a package of nitrates and phosphates fertilizer processes.

"We are very pleased by the continued trust placed by Borsodchem on us and our nitric acid technology also for their second plant”, commented Mr F. Zardi, CEO of Casale. “Casale is strongly committed to deliver the same level of high quality, superior performances and long-term reliability as the first one which is in operation since 2012", he added.

Casale is also providing a nitric acid plant to Smartchem Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals. Under a contract announced last December, Casale will build a 900 t/d nitric acid plant based on the NA2000 process and a 1,143 t/d ammonium nitrate (AN) solution plant based on its AN2000 pipe reactor technology.

In addition, the Lugano-based group will supply a prilling unit capable of producing either 970 t/d of high-density AN based on Casale technology, or the same volume of low density AN using newly acquired technology from Australian mining company Orica.

The origins of today’s Casale are deeply rooted in the pioneering age when the ammonia industry was created. Ammonia Casale, the original company, was established in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1921 with the purpose to license the ammonia process newly developed by its founder Luigi Casale.

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