AlzChem research uncovers new synthesis route for amidines

11th May 2018

AlzChem research uncovers new synthesis route for amidines

Amidines are organic chemical compounds with an NCN structure, meaning a typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen sequence. These types of chemicals are one of AlzChem’s core competencies. NCN structures are contained in many biologically active molecules, which is why a general new synthesis method is so important to the development and production of active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and crop protection. Amidines to this point have been difficult to synthesize, particularly without substituents on nitrogen. An alternative for these cases has now been uncovered: AlzChem research has found a new synthesis process for amidines that adds another innovative method to the toolbox of active ingredient chemistry.

This new, previously unknown synthesis pathway developed from the foundation of AlzChem’s intelligent combination of three areas of expertise – global technology leadership in NCN chemistry, decades of expertise in the synthesis of organomagnesium Grignard compounds and know-how in silane reactions:

“Our innovative process will especially interest the pharmaceutical industry,” explains Ulli Seibel, Chairman of the Management Board of AlzChem Group AG. “It also holds considerable potential for our growing Specialty Chemicals business segment, which already accounts for nearly 60 percent of our sales.”

The new method was published in the renowned scientific journal SYNLETT (Issue 2017; 28(12): 1437-1440); patents are pending.

(Image: Multi-Purpose equipment for production of NCN compounds | © AlzChem)

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