Tosoh plans major R&D expansion

22nd June 2021

Tosoh plans major R&D expansion

Diversified Japanese chemical company and Chemspec Europe regular Tosoh has announced plans to build and renovate some of the research facilities and the customer support centre at its Tokyo Research Centre in Ayase over the next five years. The total cost will be about ¥10 billion (€76 million).

About 600 people already work at the Tokyo Research Centre, which is home to three key parts of the company’s R&D effort, via different arms:

• The Life Science Research Laboratory, which focuses on materials and technologies in the healthcare and medical fields, such as testing technologies and separation agents for pharmaceutical purification
• The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, which carries out R&D into electronic materials and energy-related advanced materials based on organic and inorganic fusion, and MI technologies; and
• The development arm of the Bioscience division, working on product development and customer support for the measurement and diagnostic business

Expansion will make the Tokyo Research Centre “an advanced technology base for Tosoh’s three R&D priorities: life sciences, environment and energy, and electronic materials”, alongside its speciality product R&D facilities at Nanyo and Yokkaichi, the company said.

Specifically, there will be two entirely new buildings. The first will be built between December 2022 and April 2024, the second between June 2025 and May 2026:

• A 12,000 m2 bioscience-related research building, featuring a clean room for biotechnology and an equipment development area, among other things; and
• A 3,500 m2 customer support centre with a product exhibition and technology introduction room, a technology seminar venue and a customer training room

In addition, Tosoh will renovate Research Buildings Numbers 8 and 9 at the site between May and October 2024. The former covers 7,500 m2, focuses on environment and energy and electronic materials and has a clean room work area for large-scale MI computers and electronic materials; the latter, covering 2,500 m2, focuses on advanced organic materials in a synthesis laboratory.

This continues the expansion of Tosoh’s R&D efforts at other sites in Japan. In April 2020, it completed a new research building at Nanyo, where the Organic Materials Research Laboratory and the Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory are both located. The previous year, another such building went up at Yokkaichi, where R&D is carried out into the more commoditised products and materials.

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