Der Wissensaustausch innerhalb internationaler Branchennetzwerke ist - besonders in diesen herausfordernden Zeiten - wichtiger denn je. Als anerkannte Plattform für internationale Geschäfte und wichtige Schnittstelle für aktuelles Branchenfachwissen bietet Chemspec Europe eine Reihe von Webinaren an, die die relevantesten Branchenthemen abdecken - live und 'on demand'. 

Hybrid batch-flow processes, is this the future?

On demand (11th August 2020)


Flow chemistry/ continuous manufacturing provide a rather broad set of advantages that range from process robustness, easy of scale up, to access to otherwise very challenging reaction conditions. While chemists and engineers are more comfortable with these new approaches, there is still a lot of inertia for the adoption of new paradigms, especially for existing processes where an existing approach is hard to be put aside. This webinar was held by Andrea Adamo Ph.D. (Zaiput Flow Technologies).

Circular Economy for polymers in liquid formulated products

On demand (30th June 2020) 

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Circular Economy is driving new and tougher problems for the industry to solve faster than ever before. From dealing with waste, to developing sustainable alternatives to traditional raw materials, there are challenges that are far too risky for any business to solve alone. This webinar was held by Jenny Lovell (Royal Society of Chemistry).