Calyxia: Biodegradable microcapsules

29. September 2021

Calyxia: Biodegradable microcapsules

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Calyxia is an innovative Deep Tech French SME created in 2015, arising from a successful partnership between the prestigious ESPCI Paris School and Harvard University (USA).

Leveraging on over 25 years of fundamental research in colloid science, Calyxia has developed the world's first customizable, advanced, and biodegradable microcapsules technology.

This innovative microencapsulation technology enables specialty ingredients to be fully protected even in extreme environments and to be delivered at the optimum time and site for maximum performance.

Today, Calyxia designs, manufactures, and supplies a revolutionary generation of microcapsules in Agriculture, Home Care and Advanced Materials.

1- Sustainable Agriculture
Thanks to Calyxia’s technology, our biodegradable microcapsules reduce the volatility of active ingredients, enhance their controlled release, increase crop tolerance, and, as such, enable higher crop yield efficiency.
Our biodegradable microcapsules offer an industrial and commercial solution to the ECHA regulation to eliminate microplastics. They help enhance crop protection and crop yield, with less active ingredients, whilst preserving soil fertility and biodiversity.

2- Sustainable Home Care
Calyxia’s fragrance microcapsules for Home Care products are the world first, offering a new formaldehyde-free, readily-biodegradable microcapsule technology, with both high fragrance performance and high formulation stability. They offer a solution to ECHA microplastics regulation whilst providing long-lasting freshness to laundry products and preserving aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity.

3- Advanced Materials
With unparalleled stability, versatility, and functional performance, Calyxia microcapsules solve unmet Advanced Materials challenges in product innovation. Thanks to our perfectly sealed, process resistant, and customizable microcapsules, we can protect reactive, functional, and optical additives even in extreme temperature and shear processing conditions (extrusion, injection, compression molding, film casting…) and deliver them at the right time and site for performance.

Supported by the European Commission, Calyxia’s biodegradable microcapsules act to preserve the environment and enable a future of safer products and cleaner oceans.

At Calyxia, we are committed to go beyond chemistry to build a green and advanced world!

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