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The RSC Symposium 2020

Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry


Industrial Continuous Flow Processes

Past, Present and Future

This two day international symposium organised by the Speciality Chemicals Sector will be held in conjunction with the 2020 Chemspec Europe and Chemsource Exhibitions organised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group.

The production of speciality chemicals is still heavily reliant on batch processes and this symposium will highlight the latest advances and developments in the application of continuous processes in the fine chemicals and biotechnical industries.

There will be a programme of internationally acclaimed speakers, mostly from industry, and from companies making pioneering advances in the technology.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Continuous flow reactors and equipment on a production scale
  • Continuous flow technology for the biotechnical industries
  • Catalytic systems for flow
  • Continuous biocatalysis
  • Continuous extraction and isolation
  • Intensification strategies and productivity
  • Nanoscale reactions
  • Hydrogenation processes

RSC 2020 Flyer

Presentations at the Royal society of Chemistry Symposium 2020 include:

Wednesday, 11th November 2020

10:00 am

Continuous Flow Chemistry is not a Dream but just a Tool in the Fine Chemistry Industrial Toolbox

Etienne Baco, La Mesta, France

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10:40 am

Continuous Primary Processing - From an R&D Concept to Implementation at an Industrial Scale

Charlotte Wiles, Chemtrix, The Netherlands

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11:20 am

Let's Flow Make Chemistry Great Again!

Laurent Pichon, MEPI, France

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12:00 pm

What is the Fuss about Continuous Crystallization?

Xiong-Wei Ni, NiTech Solutions, UK

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12:40 pm

Developments and Scale-Up in the Field of Industrially Relevant Flow Hydrogenation

Douglas McAndrew, IntensiChem Ltd., UK

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13:20 pm

Continuous Efficient Multistage Extraction

Trevor Murray & Andrea Adamo, Zaiput Flow Technologies, USA

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14:00 pm

A FAST Hydrogenation Platform for Nitroreductions

Tom Moody, Almac Group, UK

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14:40 pm

Development of a Scalable Continuous-Flow Photoreactor

Hannes Gemoets, Creaflow, Belgium

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15:20 pm


Thursday, 12th November 2020

10:00 am

3D-printed Metal Flow Reactors; Design, Production & Applications

André de Vries, InnoSyn BV, The Netherlands

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10:40 am

3D-printed Catalytic Static Mixers - a new Continuous Flow Solution for Hydrogenations

Christian Hornung, CSIRO Manufacturing, Australia

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11:40 am

Application of Flow Chemistry to Metal Organic Frameworks

Oliver Hutt, Boron Molecular Pty Ltd., Australia

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12:20 pm

Process Intensification Flow Reactors: Customized Solutions to meet Advanced Chemistry Challenges

Guillaume Gauron, Corning SAS, France

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13:00 pm

Continuous Flow Production - 10 Years of Progress

Wouter Stam, Flowid BV, The Netherlands

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13:40 pm

Go Flow under Pressure - Alkoxylation in Flow Reactors

Anne Kaaden & Jordi Ampurdanes, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH, Germany

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14:20 pm

Membrane Emulsification: from Laboratory to Manufacturing

David Palmer, Micropore Technologies Ltd., UK

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15:00 pm

Close of Symposium

Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously in the run up to the conference.

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