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The RSC Symposium 2020

Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry


Industrial Continuous Flow Processes

Past, Present and Future

This two day international symposium organised by the Speciality Chemicals Sector will be held in conjunction with the 2020 Chemspec Europe and Chemsource Exhibitions organised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group.

The production of speciality chemicals is still heavily reliant on batch processes and this symposium will highlight the latest advances and developments in the application of continuous processes in the fine chemicals and biotechnical industries.

There will be a programme of internationally acclaimed speakers, mostly from industry, and from companies making pioneering advances in the technology.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Continuous flow reactors and equipment on a production scale
  • Continuous flow technology for the biotechnical industries
  • Catalytic systems for flow
  • Continuous biocatalysis
  • Continuous extraction and isolation
  • Intensification strategies and productivity
  • Nanoscale reactions
  • Hydrogenation processes

RSC 2020 Flyer

Presentations at the Royal Society of Chemistry Symposium 2019 included:


10:00 Carbon Footprint of Recycled Chemicals: Sustainability in Action
Andrew Crowther, Tradebe Chemicals, UK
10:45 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' – Challenging Process Design with a Proven Rationale Approach to Improve Sustainability
Marc-Olivier Simon, Ypso-Facto, France
11:30 High-performing, Safe and Sustainable Chemicals from Waste Wood
Fabien Deswarte, Circa Sustainable Chemicals Ltd., UK
12:15 Micro Reaction Technology with Macro Process Efficiencies
Rafael Kuwertz, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH, Germany
13:00 Introducing a Family of Sustainable High Performance Polyols
David Hess, Allessa GmbH, Germany
13:45 Sustainability in Chemical Packaging
Arash Hassanian, Hoover Ferguson Group Inc., USA
14:30 Squeezing more than just Orange Juice: Citrus Peel Valorisation
Avtar Matharu, University of York, UK
15:15 Chemocatalysis – a Tool of Green Chemistry
Florian Bächle, Solvias AG, Switzerland
16:00 Close


10:00 Future of Biocatalysis – Enzymatic Reactions in Continuous Flow Processes
Vince Murphy, EnginZyme AB, Sweden
10:45 Sustainable Biocatalytic Synthesis of β-Hydroxyl-α-Amino Acids on an Industrial Scale
Grzegorz Kubik, Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH, Germany
11:30 New Microcapsule Technology: Enabling a Future of Safer Laundry Products and Cleaner Oceans
Jamie Walters, Calyxia, France
12:15 Membrane Enhanced Chemical and Biochemical Processes: the Effect of Nanomodification of Membrane Surface on Process Efficiencies
Marzio Monagheddu, Vito NV, Belgium
13:00 GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry
Nicholas Bennett, University of Nottingham, UK
13:45 Membrane Emulsification versus Homogenisation – Benefits in Energy Usage and Process Efficiency
David Palmer, Micropore Technologies Ltd., UK
14:30 Close of Symposium sessions

Doing Business in China

14:30 Tina Li, Intercultural Lecturer & Trainer                                                                           

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Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously in the run up to the conference.

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