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The RSC Symposium 2019

Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry


Re Sourcing our Resources

Reducing Environmental Impact

This two day international symposium organised by the Speciality Chemicals Sector will be held in conjunction with the Chemspec Europe 2019 and Chemsource 2019 Exhibitions organised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group. In the modern world alternative sources of chemicals and materials are being explored to improve processes by replacing hard to get starting materials or increasing efficiencies, or both. Particular attention has been paid to extracting value from waste (especially materials that pollute the environment) and from recycling/reusing/repurposing activities which offer many extra benefits from just a cheaper source of key precursor compounds to high value processes. In other areas the study of natural resource utilisation to access novel chemistry offers an attractive alternative to current practices.

There will be a programme of internationally acclaimed speakers, mostly from industry and from companies making pioneering advances in the science, understanding and development of new approaches to sustainability.

Topics to be covered:

  • Extracting value from waste
  • The replacement of critical raw materials
  • Natural raw materials replacing synthetics
  • Reducing the environmental impact of plastics
  • The chemistry of bioplastics and biodegradability
  • Process efficiencies and biocatalysis


The full programme will be available closer to the event. 

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