Pharma Lecture Theatre

The Pharma Lecture Theatre


Including the Pharma Outsourcing Best Practices Panel and the Abou-Gharbia Lecture

This theatre is dedicated to the trends, challenges and outlook of the pharmaceutical industry. You can expect first-hand information on ongoing R&D projects and exchange with leading industry experts. 

Look forward especially to Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia, Associate Dean for Research, Director, Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research and Laura H. Carnell Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia, who will speak exclusively at Chemspec Europe 2019.

The Pharma Outsourcing Best Practices Panel

Chaired by Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia

The session will discuss approaches to developing global outsourcing strategies, identifying outsourcing partners, identifying approaches to mitigate risks, and addressing challenges associated with outsourcing and how to effectively manage partnerships.

The Panel session will be of interest to a wide audience from Pharma, Crop Protection and Chemical companies, CROs and CMOs that are or will be engaged in contract research and custom synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). 


  • Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia, Associate Dean for Research Director, Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Senior VP, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dr Rudolf Hanko, Board Member and former CEO, Siegfried


  • Susan Billings, Ph.D., VP Global Business Development, AMRI
  • Rebecca Bishop, Associate Director, Manufacturing Procurement, Eli Lilly
  • Nicola Giubellina, Ph.D., Head of CRAMS Sales, Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd.
  • Syed T. Husain, Chief Commercial Officer, Alcami
  • Hash Patel, VP Global External Manufacturing & Strategic Sourcing, Celgene
  • Harry Rathore, Ph.D., CEO, Callery
  • Prashant Savle, Ph.D., Director Commercialization Global Procurement, Merck
  • Nick Shackley, VP & Innovator Products and Solutions, Johnson Matthey
  • Marianne Späne, Executive VP Global Business Development, Siegfried
  • Robert Waltermire, Ph.D., VP Head Chemical & Synthetic Development, Global Product Development & Supply, Bristol Myers Squibb

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The Abou-Gharbia Lecture 2019

Organised by Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia, Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research

Challenges Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry in Today’s Environment

Pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented difficult time and is facing enormous challenges. These challenges include industry tarnished image, declining efficiencies, patent expiration of key drugs, fierce price competition from generics, mergers and acquisitions and high regulatory hurdles. These challenges have been further exacerbated by the current economic downturn and the US healthcare initiative. In order to face the current grim realities, Pharmaceutical companies has adopted new strategies aimed at restoring public trust and confidence, addressing declining productivity and cutting cost while ensuring bringing steady stream of innovative therapeutics to patients.

The lecture will highlight:

  • Current challenges facing pharmaceutical industry
  • Facts surrounding generic drugs and answering patient key question “are generic drugs as safe and effective as brand name drugs?
  • Current approaches adopted by pharmaceutical industry to ensure their continuing growth and sustainability through the discovery of innovative therapeutics in the three pharmaceutical platforms: small molecule, biologics and vaccines.  

Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia

Associate Dean for Research at Temple University

CSE17 PharmaPanel AbouGharbia

Dr Abou-Gharbia is currently the Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research (MCDDR) at the School of Pharmacy, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. 

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The full programme will be available closer to the event. 

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