Agrochemical Lecture Theatre

The Chemspec Agrochemical Outlook Conference

Sponsored by AGROW


Challenges and Opportunities in 2019

A wider perspective offered by industry experts, manufacturers and key suppliers 

In association with AGROW, the Agrochemical Outlook Conference will give a review of the market in 2018 and will look to offer insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in 2019.

The conference will cover these subjects from the different perspective of industry experts, manufacturers and key suppliers to the industry. They in turn will give an understanding of how industry requirements in 2019 can be met.

Presentations at the Agrochemical Lecture Theatre include:


09:55 Global crop protection industry Market, Corporate and Regulatory round up
Sanjiv Rana, Agrow
10:30 Vertellus in Crop Protection – Using a Market Based Approach to Become a Better Solutions Provider
Glenn Carroll, Vertellus
11:05 How to support innovation in the agrochemicals industry / Flexibility in the supply chain of agrochemicals as a success factor" with focus on innovation as a factor for sustainability
Dr Johannes Lubosch, INVENTYS RESEARCH
11:40 Starting materials based on maleic acid derivatives for crop protection
Dr Johann Hiebl, ESIM Chemicals GmbH 
12:15 TBC
14:00 Innovative Startups Presentations


10:00 Specialty Chemicals – the growth target for listed chemical companies
Chris Counihan, Credit Suisse
10:35 Co-formulants and sustainability from a regulatory perspective
Dr Christopher Dobe, EPCA
11:10 Digital paradigms driving product development decisions in the chemicals industry
Nina Kaun, Elsevier
11:45 Safe, efficient and cost-effective disposal of waste air and wastewater streams from chemical and pharmaceutical processes
Dr Peter Börgardts, EISENMANN Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG 
12:20 Emerging trends - Pesticides Value Chain in Europe
Prasad Kulkarni, Aranca

Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously in the run up to the conference.

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